Why You Need an Impossible Goal

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It seems crazy, right? The idea of an impossible goal sounds counter-productive. 

Years ago when I was teaching the idea of starting a business seemed impossible. I felt stuck and assumed I'd always have a 9-5. 

Setting out to launch a business, much less take it full-time, seemed impossible. And while there's still a lot of "impossible" for me to bring to reality, the fact that I'm writing you this email shows is a testament to the impossible that's already been accomplished. 

Setting an impossible goal takes pressure off of you and allows you to dream beyond what is "realistic." As Rich Litvin explains:

profit first coach

An ‘Impossible Goal’ is something you want to achieve that seems literally impossible to you right now. It’s less abstract than “World Peace”. But it’s something that inspires you—and others. And the secret behind an Impossible Goal is that because it’s literally “impossible” for you to achieve it, you can’t immediately turn it into a 17 step plan. So, instead, it becomes a place to COME FROM, rather than a place to get to. You’re not attached to the outcome. How could you be?It’s impossible, after all! So, instead you wake up each day and ask yourself, who would I have to BE to create this Impossible Goal? So what's your impossible goal? Who would you have to be to make it a reality? Whether business or personal, take time today to write your impossible goal.

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