Let Go of the Good to Make Room for the Great

Profit First Coach

A few years ago I had to let go of something really good.

I had been teaching for over a decade. While no one will brag about a teacher's salary, the paychecks were consistent and the summer breaks were nice.

But at some point I reached a standstill and knew something had to change. I had a good thing going, but had to let it go to make room for something better.

Letting go of a good thing can be terrifying. It forces us out of our comfort zone. Sometimes it forces those around us out of their comfort zone (did I mention I quit my job 2 weeks after my son was born?).

While scary, that leap of faith was 100% the right decision. It gives me the opportunity to serve business owners and help them improve their profit.

Profit First Coach

Plus, one of my favorite parts of about finance is that it goes so much deeper than just the numbers.

If we want to see change, there will be sacrifices, though some are bigger than others.

I've had clients trim the luxuries out of their business so they can increase profit.

I've had clients that were forced to let an employee or two go because they couldn't afford to keep them.

I've had clients close down their office space and move to virtual (and this was pre-COVID) to reinvest their revenue in other areas.

All of these were good things, and none of them were easy to cut. But sometimes we have to let go of the good to make room for the great.

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