How to Turn a Mistake Into Value

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I think it's safe to say you've made mistakes in your business. 

In fact, you probably already realize mistakes are what lead to growth and success. So, in a way, it's a good thing I made a big fat mistake last week, right?

There's something my clients already know about me (and something that drives my wife crazy). I hate being late. Seriously, it's probably an unhealthy amount. If we're going to church, meeting friends for drinks, or picking up groceries, I set it up so that I'm always early. 

If you and I ever have an in-person meeting, you'll see it in action. Just look in the parking lot 10 minutes before and I'll be sitting in my car listening to 90s R&B. 

Last week I had a meeting with a client. We had confirmed that morning after I reviewed my schedule. As noon approached, I jumped in my car to grab lunch. I'd have plenty of time to eat, hang with my kids and be back for our 2:00pm meeting. 

Here's the problem; our meeting was at 1:00pm. 

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Around 1:05pm I get an email saying the client is in my Zoom meeting. Then at 1:10pm I get a text- "Are we still meeting today?"

I jumped into blame/excuses mode. I texted back saying I thought it was at 2:00pm. Calendly must have screwed up the time zones in my calendar. 

Then I looked at my calendar and realized it wasn't Calendly's fault, it was mine. At this point there was no way I'd be on in time to meet with them, so we had to reschedule.

It was tempting to leave it as-is. Blame it on technology and keep my "spotless" punctuality record clean. But here's where there's more opportunity. 

Admitting our mistakes deepens the connection with our clients. 

We're not perfect. I'm understanding when this happens to someone else, so I needed to give myself grace and admit my mistake. Mistakes are okay as long as they don't become habit. 

Deeper connections with your clients and customers increases your value and the service you provide. So don't shy away from it. 

Of course I still sent a gift card for lunch to make up for it. 

What mistakes have you made that turned into a win?

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