Are You Too Close to Your Own Problem?

You know your business well. You've served your clients and built something that you should be proud of.

But, as you know, there isn't a finish line in business. Problems will continue to rise, and we often put the full weight of it on our own shoulders- which brings its own problem. We're too close to see the full picture.

When we are deeply intwined in our business, it's hard to see past certain things. When a problem arises, we bake a solution into. This prevents us from seeing the full picture and approaching the problem from the most logical sense.

For example, I had a client come to me because they were struggling with money in their business. We sat down and I asked them to tell me what the problem was. "Our problem is that we need more clients so we can use the extra revenue to grow."

Seems pretty standard, right? Most of us would agree. More clients = more money, and more money will solve most money problems. Luckily, as the coach, I have the luxury of not being in the business. So I took a wider look.

"What would another client do for you?" I asked. "How would you sustain the start up costs of taking on a new client?"

Turns out, the startup costs would require taking on more debt. In the short term, we discovered more clients actually made the problem worse.

As we explored we realized revenue wasn't the problem. Debt was the problem. More sales in this instance would the problem bigger, not smaller.

This discussion led to a decision to maintain their client base and focus on reducing debt obligations. During this time, they would seek ways to better serve their current clients and improve systems.

This business owner is incredibly smart and talented, and is light years ahead of me in business knowledge. But I was able to ask the right questions because I'm not so close to the problem.

If you don't have a coach in your life, someone to help you ask the right questions and solve the right problems, then that's a problem you need to fix.

That's what I specialize in. Click here to book a free coaching call with me.

Most business owners struggle with managing their money, resulting in smaller paychecks for themselves. At Craig Dacy Financial Coaching, we help make managing your money simple. That way you can easily run a business that pays you more. Schedule your free coaching session now.

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