Are You Solving the Right Problem?

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Recently I ran across an interesting question while reading the book "What's Your Problem?" by Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg.

One area that I am constantly developing is in asking deeper questions and approaching problems from a different angle. This morning, these two areas crashed together into some questions that I want you to think about:

How much do we waste- time, money, energy- by solving the wrong problems?


What if we could get better at solving the right problems?

Often times we are hit with a problem and our instinct is to find the solution. Sometimes this is the right approach, but what if the problem we are solving isn’t the actual problem? Or what if there’s a simpler (and cheaper) problem to solve?

A great example of this is the slow elevator problem. An office building had tenants complaining that the elevator was too slow, and were threatening to break their lease because of it. 

Profit First Coach

Some solutions were to replace the lift or install a stronger motor. If the problem was “the elevators are too slow,” then the obvious solutions were to “make the elevators faster.” But what if we reframed the problem? What’s the root of people complaining about the slow elevators? In the example given, the solution they came to is to put up mirrors next to the elevators. This solution had great results and complaints were reduced. Why? Because people tend to lose track of time when they are looking at themselves. They reframed the problem and came to a faster and more cost-effective solution. Instead of “the elevators are too slow,” they got to the root of the problem- “the wait is annoying.” When I work with my clients, we uncover so much more than what they think. It's not just implementing Profit First, or helping with their money. I’m there to ask questions and help them reframe problems to find the best possible solutions. As a business owner, it's incredibly important to surround yourself with people that can reframe problems. I'd love to help. Click here to book a free strategy session.

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