What To Do When You Feel Stuck

Have you ever felt like you blew it before you reached the finish line (or maybe you're wondering if there even is a finish line)?

Let's take budgeting for example. Have you had those months where it seems like everything that could go wrong did? I definitely have! There have been months where every day seemed to come with its own set of unexpected expenses. You know, those random things that pop up throughout the month that you didn't budget for? So what can you do? It's normal to want to throw my hands up and quit. It's incredibly frustrating to take a step forward and then get knocked two steps back. Unfortunately quitting doesn't solve anything. The only thing we can do is remind ourselves that we're on the right track. Progress is progress, now matter how slow it may seem.

With budgeting, you get to hit the reset button every 30 days. If October has been a month to forget, you get to start November with a clean slate. One step at a time and one day at a time is all we can do. If you keep moving, you will reach the finish line!

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