7 Easy Ways to Save Money This Fall

Dave Ramsey Financial Coach

Something always comes to mind when I think of fall... savings! Cooler weather often brings relief on our wallets. A lot of our monthly expenses from the summer either vanish or drop in cost. These include:

  • Electricity

  • Fuel

  • Lawn care

  • Entertainment

If you've been trying to squeeze some extra dollars out of your budget (with little success), this may help. As you lower or eliminate some of these items, move that saved money toward your debt or savings.

Financial Coach

To take things a step further, some of your normal fall expenses may not be needed this year. Things like:

  • Holiday travel

  • Kid's sports and activities

  • Hosting large family gatherings

Look at your budget from last year to see what expenses can be excluded this year. If you can, throw that money toward your debt as well.

Just don't forget about the added expenses that October brings, like Halloween (and pumpkin spiced everything)!

The best thing you can do this fall is make a change in how you handle money. Click here to book a free coaching session.

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