Stop Spending Money On Books (Until You Do This One Thing)

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I think you should stop spending money on books.

No, high school Craig didn't time travel to write this blog. Sure, he was notorious for reading cliff notes instead of actual books. I'm embarrassed (and a teensy-bit proud) to say that he even made it through college without buying a single textbook.

No, this isn't that guy. Modern day Craig loves books!

At any given time, there's a book I'm reading and an audiobook I'm listening to. I think they're a great investment in our personal growth, or a healthy mental escape.

That said, I want you stop buying books and spending money on Audible or Kindle subscriptions until you've checked out this one resource...

Dave Ramsey Financial Coach

Your library.

It may seem obvious, but your library is probably more than meets the eye. In addition to the hundreds of free books on site, most libraries have fantastic online resources.

Check to see if your local library (or even your kid's school library) offers access to Hoopla or Overdrive. These services offer tons of ebooks and audiobooks for you to check out. There are many books that were on my wishlist that I was able to read for free thanks to my local library.

Not to mention your library might have some great online resources. Ours has subscriptions to databases, kids activities, and small business resources.

Of course if you can't find the book you want for free, you can still buy a copy- just check your library first!

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