Stop Spending Money on Operating Expenses!

Profit First Coach

Here's a quick tip to help you reduce the amount you're spending on operating expenses.

Stop spending money on expenses.

Expenses cost you money. That means it takes cash from your business and doesn't provide a return.

Reframe how you think of your expenses. Instead of operating expenses, make operating investments.

Look through your expenses and analyze the ROI on each. What value is it providing the company? Is it bringing more money in, or just draining cash? Could that money be better invested?

Profit First Coach

When we think of each dollar we spend as an investment, we're less likely to spend frivolously. This exercise is best done with a 2nd or 3rd pair of eyes. If you have a coach, have them go through this with you. If you have a leadership team, bring them in to help.

Wouldn't it be great to have someone solely focused on your company's profit? Someone to make sure you have operating investments, not expenses? That's exactly what I do for my clients.

Let's chat to see if Profit First Coaching is an operating investment you should add in your business. Click here to book a free call.

Most business owners struggle with managing their money, resulting in small paychecks for themselves. At Craig Dacy Financial Coaching, we help make managing your money simple. That way you can pay yourself what you want, when you want it.

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