Happy 2nd New Year!

Did you know that September is considered the 2nd new year? With summer in the rear view mirror, many of us use this time for a fresh start with our business goals. So tell me... are you where you hoped you'd be this far into the year? Has your business hit those revenue goals? Are you happier and taking home more money? Have you gotten organized with the money, or have you relapsed into some old habits? Look, let's face it. 2020 didn't turn out the way any of us expected. Business owners got hit hard and are still trying to pick up the pieces.

However (get ready for a gut-check), we can't let excuses stop us. If we're not focused on adapting to better serve our customers, our business won't survive.

What commitments can you make to ensure you end 2020 with a bang? What commitments will you make to ensure 2020 is your most profitable year yet?

If you haven't set up a system that sets aside profit and pays it to you, now's the time. The more you focus on profit, the more you can serve your clients, employees and community. I want to help. Click here to book a free Profit Kickstart session. We'll create a game plan that will give you clarity, peace of mind, and a renewed energy to end 2020 with a bang!

Click here to schedule a call with me.

Most business owners struggle with managing their money, resulting in small paychecks for themselves. At Craig Dacy Financial Coaching, we help make managing your money simple. That way you can pay yourself what you want, when you want it.

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