Opportunity Over Excuses

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I was speaking with a friend of mine not long ago about what causes us to fail. I mean, no one sets out to fail (obviously). So where is the breakdown?

We both started rattling off ideas that we'd experienced, or things we've heard from others.

"Not enough time."

"Not enough money."

"Too overwhelmed."

"I just can't make myself do it."

It was crazy that even though our areas of expertise are different (he's in investment real estate and I'm in financial coaching), we had both run into these things at one time or another. We agreed they all boiled down to one thing; excuses.

Excuses, while sometimes valid, almost always halt progress. Why? It's because we're giving ourselves a pass.

When we say, "I just don't have the time," we're letting ourselves off the hook. What we're really saying is (I'm about to get real here), "I don't want to make the time."

We make time for things that are important to us. We find ways to afford things that we value. It's a choice (although not always an easy one).

And this goes for me, too. I could tell you that I don't have time to exercise (and it really feels that way). The truth is, I could set my alarm 30 minutes earlier and workout. I choose not to. I'm choosing to sleep 30 minutes instead of exercise.

I'm telling you this because there's power in choice. Over the years I have helped hundreds of people win with money. I have also spoken to hundreds more who said they didn't have the time, or couldn't afford it.

If you are feeling stuck with your money, and know that excuses might be hindering your progress, then I challenge you to do one thing; choose to make a change.

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Financial Coach Austin, TX
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