One Debt Most People Overlook

May 11, 2020



If you're focused on following the steps in my roadmap, you've likely created your debt snowball and started making some progress on paying down debt.


I wanted to point out a debt that you have that you might not have considered... 


Your phone. 


Are you part of one of those "next plans" with your cell phone? This is where you pay a little bit each month for your phone, and then when your contract is up you can trade it in. I won't even get into why this is such a rip off (if you want to hear my rant, feel free to email me).


So here's your quick win...find the balance on your phone and add it to your debt snowball.


I know what you're thinking... "Gee, thanks for that win, Craig. Now my snowball is even bigger."


Here's why it's a win. These are typically small debts, and won't take long to kick to the curb. When you do, it's going to lower your phone bill between $25-$50 per phone. That's some cash flow freed up to muscle your way through the rest of your debt snowball. 


If you've been searching for some wiggle room in your budget, this is one way to do it! 






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