How to Easily Adjust Your Business' Offer

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In reaction to COVID-19, many business owners have evaluated their offering and made some adjustments.

I've seen service based companies use their tools to offer completely different services. Some people have even stumbled on a service that they plan on keeping long term, even when life gets back to "normal."

If your business is taking a hit in the revenue department, it's essential you make a change. So how can you create a new service to offer?

There's a simple trick called the One-Step-Back method developed by Mike Michalowicz.

How does it work?

Start with your current offering. Then move one step back. What happens before that? And then what happens before that?

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Think of a restaurant, for example. Their core offering is a plate food consumed at a table in their restaurant. What happens before the customer eats at the restaurant? The waiter brings the food to the table. This is why many restaurants pivoted to curbside and delivery offerings.

What happens before they bring it to the table? It's cooked and prepared. Some restaurants are selling the ingredients to favorite menu items so customers can cook it themselves at home.

By going backward you can eliminate steps in your offering and uncover potential ways to continue to serve your customers.

What services are you offering during this time?

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