4 Ways to Save During the Holidays

A few days ago I spent hours at the store trying to wrap up some holiday shopping... Okay, I technically spent hours shopping on Amazon, but that's not the point.

I realized how easy it is to get out of hand when it comes to shopping. One item looks great, but for $5 more I could get this... or for another $10 I could get that.

You get the point.

Whether you're trying to stretch your budget to get that perfect gift, or your Christmas budget didn't quite balance, here are a few tips to save some $$ this Christmas:

1. Eliminate Some Regular Spending

Go through your budget and make some cuts. Maybe you could skip out on new clothes this month, or nix the morning coffee. Find some small sacrifices that you can make and move that money to your Christmas budget.

2. Create a Holiday Budget

This is key. Don't go out shopping with a "general" idea of how much you plan on spending. Create a list of people you're buying gifts for and how much you plan on spending. Then... and this part is key... stick to it!

3. Download the Honey Extension

As you're doing your online shopping, make sure you have Honey added to your Chrome browser. This extension automatically searches for codes and discounts before you check out. Many times it can save you some serious money.

4. Skip the Gifts

I'm not talking about your kids. If you skip gifts for them, there will certainly be a mutiny. Rather, consider skipping gift exchanges with friends and other family members. Reach out and see if they're okay with forgoing the presents and focus more on spending time together.

The key is remembering what's most important and preventing a financial hangover come December 26th. If you feel like your progress this year was lackluster, let's make sure next year exceeds your expectations! Click here to book a free kickstart session with me.

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