4 Simple Ways I Saved Money This Week!

We all love saving money, right?! Every day we're given opportunities to cut spending. Here are 4 ways I saved money in our budget this week.

1. Review My Goals Daily

The number one thing I do every single morning is brew a cup of coffee and reflect on my goals. In a book I've written my goals for this year and the next five years, as well as some that are more short term, like in the next month or two.

These can be goals to raise my income, or maybe a goal to buy a house. Reminding myself of my goals every day puts them top of mind. This helps me save money as I start my day knowing what my light at the end of the tunnel is. When those impulse buys pop up, I can more easily refrain.

2. Packed "On-the-Go" Meals

I work from home and meet clients around town. That means it's easy for me to grab food while I'm out and about. I'm often tempted to just roll through a drive thru (and sometimes I do). Yesterday, however, I made sure to grab something from our house to eat in between sessions or while I'm driving.

I know packing lunch is not necessarily a new concept, but if you're like me it's a really hard one to implement, right? It's just so much easier to get a burger and fries!

3. Bought My Groceries Online

The third thing that I do to save money, and I recommend a lot of people do, is I grocery shop online.

Now many people wonder whether shopping online really saves you money. Many services charge $5 for things like curbside pick up, and some stores add a 3% charge for a convenience fee. So if there are fees, how does it save money?

I'm probably the worst impulse buyer you'll ever meet at the store. I'm the guy going up and down the aisle who decides, "Yeah we probably need three packages of Oreos, right?" So when I compare the cost of using a service vs. the amount I'd spend on items I buy on impulse, online shopping works in my favor.

Not to mention I can see my balance before I check out. If I notice my balance is getting too high, then I can drop things out of my basket without the embarrassing walk of shame back to the ice cream cooler in the grocery store.

4. Repurposed Old T-Shirts

Finally, I took old t-shirts and I cut them up to use in the garage for rags and towels.

We had just purged out closets, and there were a few shirts that just weren't up to par to sell, or give away. So, instead of going out and buying some paper towels for the garage, I decided to cut those up to use them to clean my car or clean up a spill in the garage.

Those are 4 things I did the week to save some $$. What do you do to save money?

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