3 Money Making Alternatives to Uber and Instacart

So you’re trying to bring in some extra moolah, eh? Good for you! I’m a proud member of the side hustle club. If there’s an easy way to make a buck on the side, I want to know about it!

If you’re like me, you’re not interested in picking up a second job. That means submitting applications, attending interviews, and being restrained to a work schedule. Hmmm, thanks, but no thanks.

I’m more drawn to the “work when you want” type side hustles, aren’t you? Luckily for us, they’re everywhere! With technology rising and consumer’s patience sinking, more companies are popping up with on-demand type services.

You’ve likely heard of Uber and Instacart, right? Great companies with good side hustle potential. However, I’m not here to talk about them. I’m here to share some lesser known options out there. Go ahead and open the app store on your phone; you’re going to want to download some of these apps.

1. Task Rabbit

In the past, when asked for ideas to make extra money, I often responded with “find some odd jobs around town.” Sounds great, right? But how can we find these odd jobs?

Check out Task Rabbit. This is a website that people go to whenever they need an odd job completed. It can be things like mounting a TV, moving or assembling furniture, cleaning, or yard work (among other things). The Tasker shows up, completes the job, and the customer is billed through the app.

So where do you fit in? You can be a Tasker, of course! Registering is super easy and you can select what type of jobs you’re willing to do and how much you want to charge for them. Just a few clicks and you’re ready to work!

2. Wag or Rover

Dogs need walking, sitting, or boarding. Why not do this for some extra cash?

Through apps like Wag or Rover, you can sign up to help take of people’s pets when they’re unable to do so. Your services can be requested through an app and you are paid once completed. For example, if someone wants their dog walked, the request your help through the app. You walk their dog, log some of the details, and the transaction is complete! Not only do you have a solid side hustle, you’re also making a furry friend’s day that much better. That’s called a win/win.

3. Field Agent or Easy Shift

These apps aren’t going to make you rich, but they’re a good way to earn some extra cash on the side just by shopping and eating.

Did that get your attention?

It really is that easy. When you download Field Agent or Easy Shift, you’ll see a list of tasks to be completed. They make be things like, “Take a picture of an end cap display at X store.” You snap a picture, answer some questions, and get paid for your time. Payments can range from $2-$20, but I’ve mostly seem them hovering around the $4 range.

It may not be worth a special trip to the store, but if you’re going anyway, why not make some extra cash? Some of the tasks might even buy you lunch. I saw one recently requesting me to go a specific burger place, order the burger, and eat it. After answering some questions, I would be reimbursed for the burger and earn $4.

There are tons of options out there when it comes to earning money on the side. When all else fails, fall back on the simple ideas. Mow some yards, clean some houses, or babysit some kids. There’s always work out there to do for anyone willing to do it!

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