8 Daily Rituals Most Millionaires Have in Common

For must of us, becoming a millionaire seems a world away. Rich and famous is a secret desire that most of us share, and there is nothing wrong with reaching for the stars. Fortune isn't something that happens over night for those of us not born into it, but it is something that we can begin working toward today. These are eight daily rituals that most millionaires have in common, and you can pick them up for yourself. Maybe, one day at a time, you can also find yourself rolling in the dough.

1. Millionaires Don't Watch TV

Only about 22% of millionaires watch more than an hour of TV in a day. That's a huge drop in the 77% of the rest of the world. Rich folks understand that there is a time and place for entertainment, and they don't let it leak into much of their day, if any.

2. Millionaires Wake Up Early

How often have you thought that there just isn't enough time in the day? Well, millionaires recognize this fact and get out of bed earlier than most. The average alarm clock is set for 5:30 am in the world of the rich and famous. Have you ever heard that the early bird gets the worm?

3. Millionaires Live Way Below Their Means

Bill Gates is an extremely frugal man. Sure he lives lavishly and gives to charity, but his income more than exceeds his expenses. The average millionaire saves or invests at least 20% of their income. That is after bills, of course. I know that this may seem like a difficult accomplishment for most of us, but this is a great habit to begin.

4. Millionaires Never Stop Learning

Learning doesn't stop once you get that college degree. It is a lifetime action. Millionaires study everyday. They research new methods, products and, most importantly, how others have failed. Looking into how certain things didn't work out for businesses is a crucial part of financial success.

5. Millionaires Evaluate Themselves Regularly

That's right. The good old, "How did I do?" Muhammad Ali did it after every punch, which is said to have built the memory of his muscles to maintain himself as a phenomenal fighter. Constant evaluation is how we grow. What do I need to work on? What am I succeeding in? These are questions millionaires ask themselves everyday.

6. Millionaires Are Confident

Everyone has that nagging voice of discouragement within themselves. One thing that separates everyone from millionaires is that millionaires don't listen. Opposition pokes its ugly head into the lives of the successful everyday, and they just don't hear it. They are confident, and they don't fall into self doubt. This is one of the most important habits to nurture if you are going to be successful in anything ever. Be courageous, and have faith in your dreams and abilities.

7. Millionaires Eat Healthy

Fruits, veggies, fish and lots of water. Strength and great mental capacity comes first from nutrition. Though, millionaires don't completely avoid fast food, they do put great importance on maintaining healthy, balanced diets. It's hard, I know, but getting into a routine of eating the right foods will energize you. It's going to more important now that you're waking up before dawn.

8. Millionaires Pursue Their Passions

Last, but not least, millionaires go after their heart's desires. Passion is the initial spark that burns into their future success. Imagine how hard it would be to be truly successful at something you didn't love. That thought is spread throughout all income levels. Find something that you enjoy to make money building upon, and the chances are in your favor that you'll even be good at it.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who focuses on personal finance and other money matters. She currently writes for Checkworks.com, where you can get personal checks and business checks.

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