How to Beat Those Pesky Debt Collectors

In this 1-hour course, we'll dig deep into these 4 areas:

Your phone rings for the tenth time today. Your heart sinks before you even have a chance to look at the screen. You already know who it is.

How do you know? Because they've called you every day this week...

and the week before that...

and the week before that.

Sound familiar? The truth is, dealing with collectors is an extremely emotional process. It can be stressful and humiliating having to navigate these phone calls.  

You're not alone.

Many people have dealt with the same thing and made it through to the other side. There is hope; you just need a plan. 

  • Your rights under federal law
  • Creating a game plan to defeat debt
  • How to effectively communicate with collectors
  • Strategies for settling your debts

You'll walk away from this course with a step-by-step plan on how to stop the collection calls and regain hope in your finances. 

All of this for  only...


You'll Also Get These Bonus Materials:

  • Dealing with collectors checklist
  • Bonus webinar on 10 ways to generate extra $$ 
  • Pro rata document for calculating debt
  • Monthly budget forms
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