How to Do More With Less

Recently we decided to have our back patio redone. We wanted to rip out the old, rotten wooden deck and lay down a nice stone patio we could enjoy. The crew was scheduled to start construction in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we had a pergola we were going to keep that needed to be repainted. We decided to paint it before the new patio was put in (nothing worse than dripping paint on new stone). Bit by bit I slowly painted the pergola, doing small sections each day. At around the halfway point, I looked at the weather forecast for the next handful of days. Rain. If I was going to finish the pergola, I had to do it immediately. Ultimately I got it done. The first half took me a week, an

Do You Own a Business, or Just Your Job?

This question may hit home, or even ruffle some internal feathers. But it's important to take a true and authentic look at your business and ask yourself: Do I own my job, or do I own a business? Too often I meet business owners who are stuck in their business. They're working long hours, doing tasks they don't enjoy, and paying themselves the bare minimum to get by. They have a regular 9-5 job, they just happen to be both the boss and the employee. There's a reason you hear me talk about making profit a priority in your business. It's because profit, and your salary, are two very different things. Your salary is the compensation received for doing the work your business does to generate the

The One Thing You Can Do to Reach Big Goals

Sometimes goals can be... overwhelming. Whether it's that outrageous revenue number you have in mind, or the zeros attached to your debt, it's easy to feel overpowered by their magnitude. In the book The One Thing, author Gary Keller teaches a simple strategy for tackling large goals. Instead of focusing on the large task, break it down into smaller tasks. Until you are left with one thing to accomplish that will move you forward. He uses an analogy with dominos that illustrates it perfectly. A single domino can knock over another domino that is 50% bigger. At this progression, the 23rd domino would be the size of the Eiffel Tower, the 31st the size of Mount Everest, and the 57th the distanc

How Much Should Your Business Pay You?

Are you bringing in enough revenue to pay yourself the salary you need? When sitting with a business owner, they often tell me they're not paying themselves as much as they like. Or worse, they're not paying themselves as much as they need. It's easy to fall into the trap of sacrificing our paycheck for the good of the business. Only pulling money out to cover the mortgage or a weekly grocery trip, leaving the rest to cover the day-to-day expenses of the company. This often goes hand in hand with the idea that "Someday the business will be stable enough to pay me more." Unfortunately we learn (often too late) that this cycle doesn't break itself. In fact, it gets harder to undo as the busine

BREAKING: The 3 Paycheck Month is a Myth!

If you're paid bi-weekly, then you're probably familiar with the 3 paycheck months. Twice per year you should receive an "extra paycheck" (which is great when trying to make some progress on your debt). How does this work? Simply put, if you received 2 checks per month you'd get 24 checks total in a year (12 months multiplied by 2). When paid every other week, you get 26 paychecks in the year (52 weeks divided by 2). So, at two different times in the year you'll receive an "extra paycheck." Here's the problem... the 3 paycheck month is a myth. Okay, technically it's a real thing, but most people can't use the 3 checks. Let me explain. Coming up in October, many of you will get paid 3 times (

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