Does Profit Still Come First During Crisis?

I know with each passing day things are getting tighter for a lot of business owners. Many businesses have been forced to abandon their primary offering and explore new revenue sources. Hopefully you have found some new ways to serve your customer base and generate revenue. I had a business owner ask me recently if they should stop setting aside profit during this time. Money is tight and they felt like they needed every dollar to go toward their expenses in keeping the business open. While this makes a lot of sense, we need to dig a little deeper to get to the root of the problem. What we uncovered was this business owner was basing a lot of decisions on fear. While it's absolutely normal t

4 Budgeting Items to Watch During Quarantine

How's quarantine treating you? While we're surrounded by negatives, there's one major positive my clients have seen... They're spending WAY less money right now! If you're like most of my clients, the amount you're spending on gas and entertainment has drastically decreased. However, there are a few areas of spending that I've seen spike up over the past few weeks: 1. Groceries There are a few major reasons your grocery spending has increased. You're home more, so you're eating more (obviously). But a few other factors have come into play. Since we're trying to stay home, we're naturally going to "stock up" on groceries while at the store. You also may have noticed your normal brands are out

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