Helping Senior Loved Ones Manage Financial Decisions Following the Loss of a Spouse

When someone passes away, there are a number of financial decisions that must be made. In the wake of grief, these issues can be overwhelming. Here is how to help your loved one through the process. Death Certificates Your loved one will need to secure copies of the death certificate to send to lenders, insurers, and other institutions. The record of death will be reported to the local or state vital records office within a few days. A dozen or so copies of the death certificate will be necessary. One recommendation is to protect the deceased spouse’s identity by notifying the three major credit reporting bureaus of the death. The survivor can take the opportunity to request credit reports a

4 Simple Ways I Saved Money This Week!

We all love saving money, right?! Every day we're given opportunities to cut spending. Here are 4 ways I saved money in our budget this week. 1. Review My Goals Daily The number one thing I do every single morning is brew a cup of coffee and reflect on my goals. In a book I've written my goals for this year and the next five years, as well as some that are more short term, like in the next month or two. These can be goals to raise my income, or maybe a goal to buy a house. Reminding myself of my goals every day puts them top of mind. This helps me save money as I start my day knowing what my light at the end of the tunnel is. When those impulse buys pop up, I can more easily refrain. 2. Pack

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