5 Easy Resolutions for Your Money

January 1st not only marks the start of a new calendar year, it often means a fresh start in our personal lives. We all get to step into a brand new year with a clean slate. Everything is in front of us and the possibilities are endless. If you’re like most people, you’ll take this opportunity to write down a few goals or resolutions. Maybe you’re pledging to lose a few pounds, or to finally land that promotion at work. Maybe you’ll start this year swearing off caffeine or riding your bike to work. What resolutions can you make in your finances? I’ve covered a lot of different topics this year when it comes to money. As I looked back and reflected on 2016, I realized a lot of these things wo

How to Find the Financial Support You Need.

Changing the way we handle our finances can be hard. Often times it involves a complete 180 in our lifestyle. We have to say no to things we normally would give into. It involves sacrificing some of the little things we enjoy so we can be more successful in the long run. Doing it alone makes it even more difficult. That’s why it’s so important to find an accountability partner. An accountability partner is someone you have to look in the eye and confess when you strayed from your budget, or made a financial decision that doesn’t fit your plan. So who should you partner up with? This may help. If You’re Married, Use Your Spouse This one may seem like a given, but for my married friends, your

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