How to Get Ahead With an Irregular Income

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, salesperson, or work for an hourly rate, you probably know one thing is true; living on an irregular income can be challenging. How can you make big financial strides when you’re not sure how much money will come in this month? The key is to plan ahead as much as possible. If you’re on an irregular income, implementing the following techniques is a must. Find Your Worst Month The thing about irregular incomes is that they go up and down. Some months are really good, while others may not be enough to pay the bills. So what can you do? Look at your income over the past 6 months. What was your worst month? Create a budget based around this number. By creating a b

4 Habits You Should Start TODAY!

Habits, both good and bad, can have a huge impact on the direction of our lives. They can influence our health, productivity, success, and general happiness. Making a habit of exercising daily helps our bodies stay healthy, while a habit of eating junk food every evening can have the opposite effect. Creating good habits within our personal finances is also important. They can help us reach our goals a lot faster. For example, getting in the habit of writing a budget every month gives your finances direction and allows you to make the right choices with your money. Tom Ziglar said, “The fastest way to success is to replace bad habits with good habits.” Whether you’re trying to become more su

Why I Think You SHOULD Spend Money

Whenever someone stumbles onto my website, or finds one of my videos, many of them assume that I’ll be standing on a soapbox screaming, “Stop spending your money!” The truth is, I think spending money is important. In fact, I love spending money! My wife is usually the voice of reason in our relationship when it comes to buying things. She tends to see the bigger picture while I fight the urge to impulse spend. The distinction we often miss between budgeting and spending money is that it needs to be balanced. Once you’ve taken care of your bills, it’s okay to budget some spending money. Actually, it’s more than okay. It’s necessary. Spending Prevents Burn-Out As I’ve spoken with people about

The 5 Most Common Questions About the Envelope System

If you’ve stumbled on one of my blogs before you likely know what I believe is the most important thing you can do in your finances. For those of you that are new (welcome!), I’ll let you in on the secret; have a budget. A budget not only gives you guidelines and boundaries with your money, but it also it sets you up to achieve your goals. It’s like the blue print to a home. Before you can begin building, you have to know what you’re working with and where you’re headed. However, a blue print is useless if the builder chooses to ignore it during the building process. This happens a lot in our finances. We set up a budget that looks great on paper, but we don’t stick to it. One of the best wa

How to Beat The Extended Warranty

You’re at the checkout counter about to make a big purchase. After the cashier scans your item, she instinctively asks, “Would you like to add the extended warranty for only $50 more?” Immediately you start sweating. You’re spending a lot of money and want to make sure you protect our purchase. But is the extended warranty really worth it? The answer is no. The Odds of It Breaking Aren’t in Your Favor Whether it’s a new television, kitchen appliance, or vehicle, an extended warranty is a waste of your money. Try and think of a time when you actually used the extended warranty you purchased. I’ll wait right here while you think… Can’t think of one? Yeah, I can’t either. The truth is the odds

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