Nervous About Investing in the Stock Market? Don't Be.

I think it’s safe to say that we all enjoy making money. But what’s better than making money? Watching our money make some money. Investing is an important and essential part of reaching financial success. However, when we hear the words “stock market,” many of us turn and run the other direction. Misconceptions from the media have given many of us a skewed view of the stock market and the value it brings. While there are a lot of risky ways to invest your money, there are also safer ways to invest that will still set you up to succeed financially. Just remember these 3 things: The Stock Market Has a Steady Track Record When most of us think of the stock market we think of unpredictable ups

What Returning Your Shopping Cart Says About You

I have a pet peeve. You know when you’re at the grocery store and you see shopping carts littered around the parking lot? That drives me insane. My wife knows how I feel about this. She recently shared a meme with me that said that you can’t be successful until you learn to put your shopping cart away. I chuckled at first, but then my mind started to think of how true that meme really was. I realized there are 2 different people in this world; cart returners and cart deserters. Whichever side of the line you stand on says a lot about you. Disclaimer: this blog post is a fun look at cart returning. There are obviously exceptions to every rule and you might fall under the grey area. This artic

4 Reasons We Avoid Budgets

Budgeting. It doesn’t sound so scary, right? Yet so many of us avoid it like the plague. Fear can prevent us from moving forward and accomplishing our financial goals. All we need is that first step to break through the wall and start seeing incredible results. Here are 4 of the most common reasons why people avoid budgeting. Fear- It Will Restrict My Spending There’s something inside of us that cringes when we hear the word budget. A trigger in our brain goes off alerting us that we no longer get to buy the things we want. In fact, this is the most common reason people avoid starting a budget. Reality- You Can Spend Guilt-Free Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to buy the things you like whe

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