5 Financial Tips for Every Entrepreneur

It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur. Small businesses have so many opportunities to connect with their clients and truly deliver everything they need. However, struggling to manage finances is causing many businesses to close their doors when they should be thriving. If you're an entrepreneur, put these 5 things into practice to best utilize every dollar coming in. 1. Keep Your Money Separate There’s a common saying, “Don’t mix your work life with your home life.” It’s important to keep the two things separate. By bringing personal problems into your job, you jeopardize the quality of the work you produce. Likewise, if you bring the stresses of work home, you’ll probably find it hard to

Read This Before Cosigning That Loan

My hand slowly grazed the leather interior of the driver’s seat as I pictured myself cruising down the highway in my new ride. As soon as Dan, the car dealer, was finished with the credit check, I’d be able to pop the clutch from dream into reality. Dan came back with a reluctant smile on his face. “Well, I have some bad news. Your loan was denied. The good news, however, is you just need a cosigner and the car is yours! Why don’t you call your parents and ask them to come in and sign?” Didn’t sound like a big deal to me. With my dad on the other line, I explained my situation to him only to have my loan denied again. “I’m sorry son, I won’t cosign for you,” he told me. Even though I was dis

5 Ways to Find Extra Money in Your Month

Your income is incredibly valuable. It is the source of everything you have. It puts a roof over your head and food on the table. However, it can sometimes seem like there just isn’t enough money coming in. The truth is, most of us make enough money, it’s just disappearing before we realize what happened. Use these 5 tricks to find extra money in your month with little effort. Use the 10% Rule 10% is a small amount that can make a big difference. That’s why I created the 10% rule to help relieve cash for your financial goals. Look at your budget for areas that you can cut by 10%. What about restaurants or entertainment? Maybe that clothing category? Let’s say you budgeted $150 for restaurant

How We Saved $100 a Week Doing a "Pantry Fast"

You know the drill. You’re standing in your pantry, scanning the shelves of food, only to declare, “Ugh, there’s nothing to eat!” Sound familiar? Trust me, you’re not alone. I’m the king of justifying a grocery trip or a fast food run because there’s nothing to eat at home. Then, when I get back from the store, I’m playing Tetris with the pantry and refrigerator trying to make it all fit! In our case, we had plenty of food; I just didn’t know what to do with it. Something needed to change. I scoured the internet for a website that would find me recipes using ingredients that were already sitting on our shelves. The answer? Supercook.com. So I coined the phrase “Pantry Fast,” bookmarked Super

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