Christmas in March?

I know what you're thinking. I just started planning my summer vacation, why are we talking about Christmas? The fact is, Christmas will be here before you know it. Don't get caught off guard! Every December I see people stressing about how they will pay for everything that the holidays bring. Some of you may still be paying off your credit card from last Christmas. Why do we let the holidays sneak up on us? There are a few things you can be doing now so that your Christmas spending doesn't leak into the new year. Create Your Christmas Budget NOW! Sit down now and start planning what you will spend this year. This is actually a great time to do it since last Christmas may still be fresh on y

Uber Your Way Out of Debt

“You always seem to find a way to make an extra buck,” my friend Chris told me over a drink. I had just finished telling him a new idea I had for making some money on the side. I’ll assume he was complimenting me. The truth is, we were stuck. Andi had given me a copy of The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey for Valentine's Day and I listened to his radio show daily. Yet we hadn't made any traction in our own finances. We were creating a budget every month; we just weren't following it. There were two things we had to do: increase our income and decrease our spending. Cutting our spending was a quick fix that yielded amazing results. We created a budget, set an amount for each category, and

5 Keys To Jumpstarting Your Finances

How would you define financial success? I think everyone can come up with their own definition. Some would consider a collection of sports cars as successful. Others may believe that simply having food on the table is enough. However you personally define financial success, here are 5 keys to achieving it. 1. Have a Written Budget Why: Do you find it hard to sit on the couch and relax when your house is a mess? Knowing that the house is out of order can destroy any chance of peace and quiet. The same is true for our finances. When we don't get our money in order, it can cause anxiety and tension in our lives. Not only that, but money has a way of slipping through our fingers if we're not car

The Secret to Becoming Financially Fit

According to, 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck*. It has become normal for people to scrape up pennies as they count down the days to pay day. Have you ever gotten to the end of your month and wondered, "Where did my money go?" I know I have. Taking control of your cash needs to be intentional. Your money isn't going to give itself boundaries. Spending just $5 here and $20 there adds up fast! It's time to take control and tell your money what to do. Here are four ways a budget can whip your finances into shape: 1. A Budget is Written Before The Month Begins A builder goes through a lot of preparation when constructing a house. He must create a blueprint, select the amount of

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